Fallen fruit

the rise of a new artistic movement is on the horizon

Time is and will always remain.

What we are seeing now is the rise of the creatives. A novel virus has emerged and is mercilessly killing off the immunodeficient, some of our beloved familiars, and in exchange it is exposing the frauds of our societies. Leaders are being shown as fruitless in their attempts at resolving global pandemic to the faces of those who elected them to guide us through the dark tunnels of our time. We are witnessing the fall, the fraudulence of Capitalism and how it absolves nothing in the face of mortality.

However, this virus has also ‘given back’ the time that austerity had stolen from its people. The isolated will see a chance at making something beautiful out of the settlement from the last of the few decades dusts. Those alive and fighting for survival are the most informed, most equipped and advantageous beings of our time. We have access to privileges that past pandemics didn’t have. We have the internet, a library of information and inter-connectivity at our fingertips. While we loathe the negative implications that Capitalism has put us under for so long, it has also ironically given us this chance right now to access those privileges and run wild with the wind.

Isolation sounds worse than it actually is. We’re social by nature, and taking that innate human right from us seems ridiculous that there’ll be inevitable cause for rebel. However, isolation is a sweet-spot for self-reflection — a chance we often overlook when we are living our monetary lifestyles of wants and gains. Isolation means you are no longer being influenced or influencing others. The herd mentality dies, in a sense. This self-isolating and social-distancing commandment that looks and feels like a punishment being inflicted on us, is actually a get-out-of-jail free card for the mind to finally breathe. Think about it — because you’re either trapped, or the other alternative is that the constraints of austerity have temporarily been lifted in the name of life. Which sounds better?

The rats stop running their races all over the world when they realize that their very own bodies are vessels that carry fleas. All of us are diseased and carry with us the potential to harm or save others. It takes either an alien invasion or a global pandemic to bring the erratically beating heart back to its steady rhythm. This chaotic timeline has chosen pandemic for its gameplay, but what we will see in the aftermath, if not surely at present, is that the heart always beats as one.

We become aware again.

Awareness is essential for surviving these times of mental ill health. The way the virus is claiming lives is primarily attacking the respiratory system. If you can’t breathe, you can’t live, point blank. That’s why we need to slow our breath, realise that it hurts now, but eventually we’ll be able to breathe and see it all get better again. When we do, we need to realise that we breathe the same air, and that air may well be the last breath we will ever receive.
It is all too fragile.

Everybody has the capacity to sit and make peace with their thoughts; to think about who they really are outside of their social circles. In turn you will find an unfamiliar emotion that hasn’t been felt since (probably) the 90s… and that emotion is boredom. Boredom is where creativity thrives. That’s where you become imaginative and resort to the only resources you have within your radius. Its like going back to caveman times and only having sticks and stones to play with. You invent things. Time is ultimately arbitrary. For some people they will use this time to pass time, for others that might be cooking. Whatever you do, that is your time, and it’s always been there for you to play with. Try not to feed the fire of the virus that kills outside, for emotions are operating at a highly irrational level right now. There are people out there who really care and are doing everything in their ability to try and make this better. For the rest of us who sit isolated in fear, wondering when we’ll get our lives back — don’t! You already have your life, and it’s about to get better if you can create something from this utter turmoil.

This is the rise of a new renaissance. An art-movement that will break grounds, defy the laws of gravity and churn out some heroic survivors who are not afraid to speak their minds.

All creation is born from some form of destruction. Chaos is art, and art expresses the inexpressible through physical mediums. We have been ten feet under a cloud of ignorance for decades due to an oppressive system that no longer works. But that system is beginning to crumble, giving way for you to feel all the emotions that you’ve suppressed in the name of monetary gains.

Dare to defy the notion that time must be passed,

and this pandemic will pass. We will continue to live and infect and influence others but we can do so in a way that is positive — through laughter, expressionism, drawing and even dance.

Eclecticism. Creator of eatyourego fiction, UK based writer.